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Terry’s Tips

Sharp tools make deadheading, digging and many other gardening chores faster and easier. Read my article on "Getting Your Garden Tools in Shape" for tips on how to clean and sharpen your pruners, spades and all the rest of your garden tools.


Past Gardening Articles by Terry L Yockey

Gardening with Allergies
Selecting “Bulletproof” Annuals
Planting Spring Bulbs
Cutting Garden Flowers for Indoor Bouquets
Plants to Attract Butterflies and Hummingbirds
Ordering from Seed Catalogs
Gardening with Children
Container Gardening
Taking Cuttings
Controlling Deer in the Landscape
Designing a Perennial Garden
Putting Your Design on Paper
Digging and Preparing a New Garden
Dividing Perennials
Edible Landscaping
Everlastings (Dried Flowers)
Putting the Garden to Bed (Fall Clean-up)
Planting for Fall Color
Plant a Flowering Shrub Garden
Planting for Fragrance
Getting Your Garden Tools in Shape
Hanging Baskets
The Healthy and Safe Way to Garden
Growing Culinary Herbs in the North
Hosta Virus X
Caring for Houseplants
Invasive Plants
Kitchen Gardens
Maintaining a More Natural Lawn
The Minnesota Tip (How to get your tender roses through a northern winter)
New 2010 Plant Varieties
New 2011 Plant Varieties.
Natural Pest Control
Ornamental Grasses for Northern Landscapes
Caring for Your Poinsettias
Poisonous Plants in Your Home and Garden
Ponds and Waterfalls
Pruning Your Trees and Shrubs
Plant a Rain Garden
Selfseeding Annuals
Shade Plants
Selecting Trees for Your Home Landscape
Plant a Shrub Garden
Choosing the Best Hardy Shrub Roses
Starting Seeds Indoors
Starting Seeds by Winter Sowing
Early Spring Garden Projects
Growing Healthy Tomatoes
Cleaning and Sharpening Garden Tools
Planting Trees
Selecting the Right Tree for Your Landscape
Smaller Ornamental Trees for Your Landscape
Flowering Vines
Prairie and Wildflower Plantings
Planting for Birds and Wildlife
Planting Window Boxes
Winter Sowing (Starting seeds outdoors.)
Xeriscaping (Planting to use less water.)

Past Gardening Articles by Linda Staciokas
(Fairbanks News-Miner)
Growing Cabbage
Growing Cucumbers
Experiments in the Vegetable Garden
Vegetable and Fruit FAQs
Garden Greens (mesclun)
Growing Radishes
Saving Vegetable Seeds
Tips for Growing Tomatoes in the North

Gardening Stories by Alan Ilagan

A Gardener Returns to His Roots
The Growth of a Garden
Plants of Glory
The Battle of a Gardener
Midnight in the Garden
Gardener’s Soliloquy