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Little Mischief Rose and JBs

Jan 15th, 2012 by Administrator | 2

This has been a strange winter here in Minnesota. Here it is the middle of January and we still have no snow on the ground. We have had some snow fall here and there, but then comes a day like today where the temperature is over 32 degrees and what little snow we have disappears.

It looks like spring outside, so I got the itch this afternoon to go out and see if anything was going on in the gardens.  While looking for rabbit damage, I noticed that there were still some freeze-dried blossoms hanging on the Little Mischief rose.  That reminded me that I had taken a photo in early November of the Bailey Easy Elegance landscape rose because it was still producing new blossoms and adding color to my fall garden.  What a trooper!

I became disenchanted by most of the shrub roses in my gardens when I discovered what a magnet they are for Japanese beetles.  In fact, I removed all but the Dwarf Pavement from the Fragrance Garden after they were all decimated by hoards of JBs.  I left all of the Easy Elegance roses nearby hoping that they weren’t as attractive to the voracious pests. They aren’t. I found maybe two or three JBs all season on the Easy Elegance roses as opposed to the JB Blossom Buffet  [AKA the Dwarf Pavement rose] I did leave in the Fragrance Garden.

Disease-resistant, long-blooming, they usually stay under two feet tall and they don’t attract Japanese beetles.  I’m sold.

Little Mischief landscape rose

Little Mischief landscape rose still blooming November 5th


2 Comments on “Little Mischief Rose and JBs”

  1. Donna Becker said:

    We have a cottage on a lake in Wisconsin right on the border with the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. The property is in a heavily forested area. Might the landscape rose work there?

  2. Used Tillers For Sale said:

    This has been a strange winter AND spring here in the Northeast. Glad to see we’re not the only ones experiencing weird weather patterns. :)

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