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Terry’s Tips

Sharp tools make deadheading, digging and many other gardening chores faster and easier. Read my article on "Getting Your Garden Tools in Shape" for tips on how to clean and sharpen your pruners, spades and all the rest of your garden tools.


Northern Gardening is an excellent resource for all gardeners–especially those in a colder climate. I am a Minnesota Master Gardener with over 30 years of hands-on experience working in my own zone 4 northern gardens. My Minnesota gardens have been featured in several magazines including the Sept./Oct. 2003 issue of Midwest Living magazine and the spring 2007 gardening issue of Midwest Home and on the television program “On the Road with Jason Davis.”

I also enjoy garden writing and have regular columns and articles in the Northern Gardener magazine and the Republican Eagle newspaper. If a plant is mentioned in one of my articles it has proven its hardiness in my own zone 4 gardens. [Read More.]

Many of my past newspaper articles are available in the archive and I will be adding a new one periodically–so check back. On this website, I have also included a photograph album showing my former backyard [page one and page two] as it evolved, as well as a page with the gardens at my new home.

So, what is a Master Gardener? Visit my extension page for more information about the master gardener program in your own state and how you too can become a volunteer. I have also included links to the state extension websites so you can easily find your local extension office–a great resource for gardening information specific to your area.
garden journal
Download my FREE garden journal that has pages for jotting down notes on the seeds you start, your new plantings, when you fertilized, and even a graph to plot a new garden.